I have a deep love of bridging the modern with the ancient

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Hi there, I’m Lexy.

I’m a clinical therapist and vocal channel.

I have a deep love of bridging the modern with the ancient.

I have spent over 20 years working in health and wellness. From humble beginnings as a personal trainer and NLP coach, It quickly turned into a passion for nutrition. I studied nutritional medicine and nutritional therapeutics with a special interest in nutritional Epigenetics. A Few months out from earning my clinical registration and five months after the birth of 4th child, became chronically ill overnight. For the next few years, my life would look unrecognisable.

It took me on a journey that would see me discover the limitations of many traditional therapies (yes, even nutrition and gut health) and introduce me to an understanding of how trauma impacts the physical body.

things got weird...

I eventually would be diagnosed with biotoxin illness from mould poisoning.

However, it didn’t explain some of the more ‘unusual’ symptoms, and after much  investigating I recognised, I had also experienced a spontaneous awakening. In short, I’d begin to see, here, and feel things, other others around me didn’t.

Life got weird. So the nerd in me went on a long journey into the world of quantum physics, sound and frequency medicine, Breathwork and ancient methods of healing like womb medicine and plant medicine. I studied clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to have a better understanding of how the mind directs the body and completed a two year apprenticeship and sound specific style of Breathwork. 

Around this time the vocal channelling began. I was a trained singer, and whilst I had a nice voice, it didn’t compare to what began to move through me when I was in altered states. As I began to explore and develop the voice for healing, I recognised the immense power of this tool. We are walking around with, and yet are never taught to utilise.

Something that became very obvious during this time is that most humans are either a struggling with this regulated nervous systems from carrying too much for too long. This may be present life trauma, orchestral trauma, handed down through cellular memory. And/or b) society conditioning, which is result in most of us wearing a mask. Hiding the true authentic expression of our own divinity behind societal norms and expectations, and that true and lasting change requires all parts of us to be seen experienced and lived.

I began combine all of this to offer unique approach to root cause healing and an expansion of your own unique self.

I am not your usual therapist. I don’t do fluff. I go deep, I’m a straight, talking mama, who pride herself on an honest voice, and a capacity to take you through profound and lasting change.

I am a mama of 4 beautiful wildlings and a wife of over 20 years and you will find me in my spare time (there’s not much ha!) in the nearest body of water.


All my  love,

Lex x

I am not your usual therapist

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